welcome to my constructive use of solitude

"I'm old enough to know better; young enough to not give a fuck."

Thomas Heng | Philadelphia |Drexel University|

Instagram: @thomasheng

It seems to me that our generation has put such an importance on materialistic objects that they’ve forgotten what’s really important. There’s all these hypebeasts running around flaunting their “Supreme” and “Obey” gear. Everybody is tryna get the newest iPhone or Blackberry. Suddenly everybody wants to be a photographer with their big fancy DSLRs. What happened to the simplicity of things? I’m not saying we gotta go back to being cavemen and wearing whatever, but all that hypebeast wear isn’t necessary. You don’t really need the newest phone or that big ass camera. Sure, it’s nice and all but that isn’t necessary. People should focus on more important matters, such as their own futures. Is wearing all that hypebeast gear gonna get you into college? I don’t think so. Some bitches might hop on your dick for a bit but they ain’t gonna pay your tuition, oh hell no. People gotta learn to respect others too. I feel like some people get so caught up with the hype and tryna cop the newest shit that they get cocky and forgot how to be humble and respect their peers. Just because someone is “ugly” or got “no swag” doesn’t mean that their words are irrelevant. I’m not saying that this is everybody but I do feel that people have to take a step back, think over things, and then get their shit straight. Because in ten years, is that pair of Jordan’s really gonna mean anything to you? Just a thought.